Incorporation of companies

The incorporation of a company shall be done before a Notary Public, and following certain guidelines:

In order to begin the process it is important to determine which type of company we have to incorporate in accordance to the shareholders´ s needs:

Additionally, we suggest to consider at least three names to file before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the name of the company does not need to be the same as the trademark.

In order to incorporate the company there information we need is as follows:

  • Names, nationality and domicile of the partners or shareholders.
  • Purpose of the company.
  • Name of the company.
  • Term of the company.
  • Capital of the company and percentage of each shareholder or partner.
  • Fiscal domicile of the company.
  • Determine who will be the members of the board and who shall have which position and its legal faculties.
  • Types of dissolution.
  • Powers of attorney of the partners.