Notice of Privacy


RMEM, located at Prolongación Paseo de la Reforma #1015, Piso 5, colonia Santa Fe Cuajimalpa, Cuajimalpa, C.P. 05348, in Mexico City, is responsible for collecting your personal data, the use that is given to them and their protection.

General. In accordance with the provisions of the “Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de Particulares” (hereinafter referred to as the “Law”) and its Regulations, we allow you to carefully read our Terms and Conditions contained in this Privacy Notice ( the “Notice”), since this Notice contains the terms and conditions applicable to the Personal Data that are collected by RMEM (“RMEM”), in case you grant your consent. Your personal information will be used to provide the services and products you have requested, notify you about changes in them and evaluate the quality of the service we provide.

Responsible. As a normal part of its activities, and in accordance with its purpose, RMEM in some cases collects and stores information considered as Personal Data, in terms of the Law and, therefore, our Company is a subject regulated by it. Collected Data. The Personal Data that you provide to the person in charge, or those generated through visits to the RMEM site, will vary in each specific case depending on your activities on the site, and will be the following:

A. In case of entering comments through of the contact form: When using this functionality, only the following Personal Data will be collected and stored: a) General Data: Full name (the one you provide), your email and any other that you enter in the comments. In all cases, the accuracy and veracity of the Personal Data collected will be from You, since it is You who has access to your Social Network profiles and who enters your nickname. B. In all cases, upon entering the RMEM Site, data will be collected through Cookies and Web Beacons. These elements collect the IP address, your browser type and operating system, the Internet pages you visit, browsing habits and patterns, the links you follow and the site you visited before entering ours. Of all the Personal Data mentioned above, a user profile is created, which is used for the purposes described below.

Sensitive Personal Data. RMEM does not collect Sensitive Personal Data. Purposes of the Treatment. Your Personal Data will have the use and treatment for the purposes that are described in the following way: A. Primary Purposes. a) If you fill out the contact form, to contact you, answer your questions and raise a proposal or possible business relationship, based on your needs or those of the company you represent. B. Secondary purposes. a) To identify, locate, communicate, contact you, send you information, as well as its statistical and scientific use (analysis of metrics); b) To develop, on its own or through its affiliates or any third party, studies on the interests, behaviors and demographics of the Holders, in order to better understand their needs and interests, and offer better news services; c) To improve our commercial initiatives and strategies; d) To analyze the Internet pages visited, the searches carried out by the Headlines, as well as to improve our offer of content and articles, including their personalization, presentation, programming and services; e) To send information via email regarding relevant news or events; Transfers. RMEM will not transfer your Personal Data without your consent, although you may use them for the purposes that depend on third parties, such as statistics and the sending of newsletters, without the transfer of such Data. If you do not consent to your personal data being transferred in the terms indicated in this privacy notice, you can request it in your support account.

Temporality. The temporality of the handling of the Personal Data will be indefinite from the date on which you provided them to the Responsible, and of course You can claim at any time that you deem appropriate, for the purpose of blocking and canceling them. Storage. Once you give the Person in Charge your Personal Data by any means, we declare that these will be kept in a CRM system of the site’s own file, whose access will be limited only to the Responsible. Your personal data will be treated at all times in a lawful manner and observing the principles of Legality, Consent, Information, Quality, Purpose, Loyalty, Proportionality and Responsibility, in compliance with the provisions of the Law.

Your ARCO Rights. Any questions about this Notice, about your Personal Data and its treatment, or about how to exercise the rights described below, we can answer it on the phone (55) 10 08 60 67, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 18:00 hours, on business days, as appropriate. You will have access to your Personal Data at any time, either to request its rectification, cancellation, opposition or revoke your consent, in accordance with the provisions of the Law (the “ARCO Rights”), in written or electronic form, to through the procedure you will find here. You must direct your request with attention to the RMEM Personal Data Protection Committee to the following address: Prolongación Paseo de la Reforma #1015, Piso 5, colonia Santa Fe Cuajimalpa, Cuajimalpa, C.P. 05348, in Mexico City, or at the email address This request must accompany the following: a. Photograph or scan of your official identification with photograph and autograph signature or, if acting on behalf of someone, also attach a copy of the notarized and / or registered power of attorney to the corresponding Public Registry and, if applicable, the charter. b. Scan or photograph of proof of address. In the brief You must: i) Indicate your name or business name and provide a physical address for the dispatch of the response, communications, documentation and responses; ii) Let us know the Personal Data that you wish to access, or wish to be rectified, canceled, revised, as well as to oppose the processing or revoke your consent; iii) State whether you know or remember the purpose for which you contributed them and the name of the Person in charge to whom you gave them; and iv) Establish in a clear, respectful and concise manner your request, as well as express any other information or document that facilitates the location of your Personal Data. The Responsible will have a period of twenty days, counted from the receipt of the request, to resolve it or require more information. In case your request is appropriate, because you accredited your personality and your Personal Data could be found in our database, in a period not exceeding fifteen days will proceed to its execution. The Responsible will keep you informed of the process at any time you request. The response and access to your Data, as well as the supporting documents, may be given to you, prior accreditation of identity and / or personality, through copies certified by the Committee and its legal representative, electronic documents or simple copies. Whenever the request is made through electronic means, preference will be given to said means for sending responses and resolutions. In the event that the Responsible requires using your Personal Data for purposes other than those indicated in this Privacy Notice, they will contact you either in written, telephone, electronic, or by any optical, sound, visual or other means that The technology allows now or in the future and will explain the new uses that you intend to give to such information in order to obtain your consent. Modification. Any modification to this privacy notice can be consulted on this page.